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Elevating Leg Rest

Aluminum elevating leg rest for manual wheelchairs.

  • Prices:
  • Elevating leg rest rent for:
  • Day $2.00 | Monthly $15.00
  • Additional Info:
  • The Invacare Aluminum Hemi...

Freestanding Trapeze

Designed to help patients change positions while in bed and aid in the transfer from bed to chairs with minimum attendant assistance. The handle has a horizontal bar dividing the opening, which serves as an additional hand grip and also narrows the opening. Two-piece trapeze assembles...


Home Concentrator

Rugged and dependable for your daily in home use, these home concentrators provide clean oxygen for easy breathing. Humidifier bottle options help reduce nose bleeds. Low noise levels mean you can sleep comfortably and with peace of mind. Casters make these concentrators easy to move around the...

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Hospital Beds

A Full Electric Bed might be the ideal if you're searching for a bed that can be completely controlled with the click of a button. If you do not have a caretaker, you will absolutely need to purchase a full-electric bed. A full electric bed allows for adjusting the height to make getting in and...



The DonJoy® IceMan® CLASSIC cold therapy unit helps reduce pain and swelling. The IceMan provides extended cold therapy as directed by a medical professional. Using DonJoy’s patented semi-closed loop re-circulation system, IceMan delivers consistent temperatures in a preset configuration.


Knee CPM

Continuous Passive Motion is one of the best post surgery therapies. CPM machines help prevent the formation of scar tissue and keep joints from becoming stiff.

  • Price:
  • $22.30 per day

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Knee Scooter

Our knee scooters/walkers make getting around after an accident or surgery a breeze. No more struggling with a pair of crutches. Feel the freedom of shooting to your next appointment on this support.

  • Details:
  • Monthly $65.00
  • Product...
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Lift Chair

Powered lift chairs provide a relaxing evening allowing you to choose a position that supports you best. As an added bonus, they make getting up a breeze by lifting you to a standing position. These chairs really shine right after a surgery allowing you to get up and down without discomfort and...


Manual Wheelchair

Need a wheelchair for the short term to aid in traveling or recovery after a surgery? We can take care of that! Complete the contact details below, with the details of your need, and we will get back with you shortly after that to go over your reservation details.


Nutritional Formula

Freeland Brown Pharmacy has years of experience taking care of customers with special eating needs. Many maladies such as ulcers, diabetes, healing and weight loss are a few of the conditions that proper nutrional can help cure to allow a long healthy life.

Some of the our more common...


Oxygen Home Fill Unit

The Invacare Home Fill Oxygen System provides an unlimited, refillable ambulatory oxygen supply for patients to provide greater mobility and increased independence than traditional oxygen modalities.

Cut down on costly deliveries to oxygen users with the Home Fill Oxygen System.


Portable Concentrator

Will you be traveling on an airplane and can't figure out how the regulations work with oxygen? Leave the tanks at home. Use this Inogen portable concentrator instead. It meets all FAA regulations and relieves you of the heavy burden associated with transporting oxygen tanks letting you have...


Portable E Tanks

Complete portable oxygen system that provides up to 4 hours of oxygen at 2 lpm. Lightweight aluminum E-size cylinder with oxygen contents gauge on regulator E-size cylinder. Two-wheel cart for easy transport Durable 0-8 lpm piston regulator Nasal cannula and plastic wrench.


Pride® Power Scooter

Pride® is a leader in the power operated vehicles promoting independence and improved living. Pride® offers attractive features such as compact designs, one-hand feather-touch disassembly and super lightweight pieces for convenient transport and storage. Comes in your choice of three or four...


Pride® Power Wheelchair

Pride® is a leader in the power operated vehicles promoting independence and improved living. Pride® offers such patented technology as Active-Trac® Suspension to provide a truly unique ride experience and some of the tightest turning radiuses in their class. We exclusively use Pride® power...


Electronic Caregiver

For anyone looking to remain independent. There are a variety of health afflictions that prevent people from living full, independent lives. The Electronic Caregiver provides a complete monitoring solution and takes care of not just one person when they are in need but your family too. The...

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Sit to Stand

Ideal for users who need rehabilitation support or can bear partial-weight, this lift offers safety, comfort and stability for both users and caregivers. Innovative adjustment features allow this lift to adapt to a variety of body sizes and shapes.