Durable Medical Equipment

DME Specialists

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At Freeland Brown Pharmacy we meet all of our patient's needs. In addition to world class customer service and a community pharmacy that knows you by name, we are also a supplier for durable medical equipment (DME). Our DME categories include:

Durable Medical Equipment (DME):

  • Hospital Beds, Lift Chairs, Rollators, Bathroom Safety equipment and much more.


  • Tena, Tranquility, Attends, Depends, Bed Pads
  • Underwear, Briefs
  • Wipes, Wash cloth and much more.


  • Securi-T, Convatec, Hollister and Coloplast. We stock pouches, wafers, paste, seals, rings, deodorants, adhesive removers, barrier wipes and much more.


  • Intermittent, Indwelling & External Catheters
  • Catheter supplies
  • Catheter Accessories

Wound Care:

  • Medihoney, Duoderm, Adaptic, Tegaderm, Cutimed Sorbact, Carrasyn Gel and much more.

Nutritional Formulas:

  • Nutrition supplements can be picked up in store or delivered. In many cases, delivery is next day by 7:00 pm. Feeding Supplies include:
  • Alimentum, Arginaid, Benecalorie, Beneprotein, Boost, Carnation, Completat Ped, Cyclinex, Duocal, Elecare, Enfamil, Enfaport, Enlive, Ensure, Fibersource, Glucerna, Glutarex, Glytrol, Good Start, Glutasolve, Isomil, Isosource, Ivalex, Jevity, Juven, Ketocal, Ketonex, Microlipids, Neocate, Nepro, Novasource, Nutramigen, Nutren, Osmolite, Optimental, Pediasure, Peptamen, Perative, Periflex, Phenyl Free, Phenex, Polycose, Portagen, Pregestimil, Propimex, Pro-Phree, Promod, Promote, Pulmocare, RCF, Resource, SHS< Similac, Suplena, Thick-It, Tolerex, TwoCal, Vivonex and 3232A.